Staying ahead of EV charging regulations

With Remote Monitor and Assistance

The regulatory backdrop around EV charging stations and operations is evolving...

With draft regulations likely to be enacted soon under the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 come the necessity for reliable, responsive and comprehensive services for EV charging stations.  Teletrac Navman Connected Services can support you not just in meeting these regulatory changes, but exceeding them. 

Implications of Draft Regulations

The draft regulations propose significant changes for the EV charging industry:

The need to ensure a 99% reliability of rapid charge points within one year.

A requirement for a 24/7 staffed telephone helpline for users.

The responsibility for managing, maintaining, and updating data in accordance with new regulatory stipulations.

These proposed regulations emphasise the importance of effective remote monitoring and assistance services, underlining the need for reliability, accessibility, and transparency.

How Teletrac Navman Connected Services can Assist

Our remote monitoring and assistance services align perfectly with the upcoming regulations, providing key solutions:

Charger Reliability: Our team can help maintain and even enhance charger reliability, supporting you in meeting the potential 99% reliability requirement.

Multilingual 24/7 Helpline: We provide a staffed telephone helpline available 24/7 to ensure support is always within reach. Significantly, our assistance isn’t limited by language or location. We provide support in all major European languages, extending our reach across 30 countries worldwide, including the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

Data Management: We can assist in managing, maintaining, and updating necessary data as per potential regulatory stipulations, facilitating your compliance with any new regulations.

How Does This Add Value To Service Providers?

By partnering with Teletrac Navman, you can stay ahead of these regulatory changes and ensure your service is compliant, reliable, and customer-centric. By embracing these changes now, you can position yourself as a proactive, responsive, and trusted provider in the EV charging industry.

Interested in how we can support you through these changes? Our Business Development team is ready to discuss how our services can provide you with a competitive edge. Click the link below to get in touch.

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