Stolen Vehicle Tracking in Motorcycles

In 2022, there were almost 19,000 reported motorcycle thefts. This highlights the need for advanced protective measures. In this post we will explore the technologies behind stolen vehicle tracking, the benefits of the systems and how manufacturers can leverage this technology to improve the customer experience and reduce unrecovered thefts. 

Understanding Stolen Vehicle Tracking(SVT)

SVT is not one single tool. it is a comprehensive box of tools that combines several technologies to track and recover stolen. It bridges the gap between technology and security, automation and human intervention offering vehicle owners a dependable line of defence against unrecovered thefts.

The Technologies Behind SVT

  • GPS: Most SVT systems rely on GPS. It pinpoints the location but requires a partner to communicate this information. That’s where GSM comes in.
  • GSM: GSM facilitates communication. Historically, SVT systems used 2G networks. However, with the evolution of technology, many are moving towards more advanced 4G or LTE networks, ensuring more robust communication and data transfer capabilities.  GSM Also has it’s own tracking capability via triangulation. When GPS is poor or unobtainable, some SVT devices can provide a location by calculating the distance from a number of cell towers.
  • RF: RF tracking is another tool in the SVT arsenal. It’s particularly useful in conditions where GPS and GSM might face obstructions. But it’s not without its limitations:
    • Its range is limited compared to GPS.  Whereas GPS is global, RF is only effective in areas where equipment has been installed to read the signals.
    • Some RF systems might need manual intervention, like using specific devices to pinpoint exact locations.
    • While it gives a general idea about the location, it doesn’t match the precision of GPS until very close.

Although motorcycle thefts are high (making up 15% of all motor vehicle thefts, whilst making up only 2% of road users) stolen vehicle tracking in motorcycles is underutilised. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as a lack of locations for covert installation, a reluctance from manufacturers to be one of the first to admit their vehicles are vulnerable to theft, or the relatively low price of a motorcycle in comparison to a car.  However, utilising Stolen Vehicle Tracking has benefits outside of simply recovering a bike and saving the insurer some money. 

Benefits for Motorcycle Owners

  • An increased likelihood of getting their motorcycles back.
  • The possibility of reduced insurance premiums.
  • The assurance that there’s a technological shield guarding their prized possession.

Implications for the Industry

  • Trust in motorcycle brands can be solidified.
  • Manufacturers can gain a competitive edge.
  • There’s potential for better collaboration with insurance companies and law enforcement agencies.


We are excited to be working with motorcycle manufacturers and with out flexible and transferrable service platform want to increase the number of OEMs taking advantage of our cross-border, robust stolen vehicle tracking and recovery support services. 

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