The Value of b-Call

Value of connected services

It is estimated that by 2026

100% of all new cars in the UK and Europe will be connected in some way and even today, the ability to remain connected whilst behind the wheel is fast becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury.

From automatic assistance in the event of a collision, to being able to remotely close your windows, pre-heat your car or open the boot to allow contact-free delivery, it is clear that automation and connectivity are at the forefront of future automotive technology, and this is evident by the rapid growth of the major players in the industry.

Many automotive brands see

connected services as fitting in to two categories:

  1. Essential – services that are required for the vehicle to work, or are mandated by legislation, such as ecall in Europe
  2. Non-essential – services that add an extra level of comfort and luxury to a vehicle, but where not having them are not necessarily a barrier to sales, such as b-call (breakdown call)

The challenge for automotive buyers, product owners, and marketers is developing ways in which non-essential connected services, like b-Call can help to grow their customer base and differentiate them from competing manufacturers.

Teletrac Navman Connected Service’s b-Call service moves beyond the standard breakdown call service, disrupting the long-held ideals of what and how a b-Call system should do and work respectively.

Partnering with automotive data analytics providers, our system has the capability to proactively read and diagnose messages and faults in a vehicle, and using logic-based assessments make decisions on the most efficient and effective ways to fix or improve the situation and implement remote fixes or suggest rectification works to the end user.  Highly Responsive, personalised, and proactive intervention in the days, weeks or months prior to a major fault developing as a result of multiple, smaller malfunctions can not only save the end user money, but from a safety position reduces the chances of serious injury or worse as a result of an avoidable component failure.  



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