Third-Party E-Call for Commercial Vehicles

In this blog we will look at how incorporating third-party E-Call services into commercial vehicles can be a game-changer for OEMs, by streamlining incident management, minimising false alarms, expediting recovery processes and giving the OEM enhanced control over the recovery and repair process.

B-Call for Commercial Vehicles: Enhancing Operations and Building Brand Trust

Businesses rely on the seamless operation of their fleet to meet deadlines, maintain customer satisfaction, and uphold their brand reputation. In this context, Breakdown Call (B-Call) systems have emerged as a pivotal solution. They don’t just provide peace of mind; they are a strategic tool for commercial vehicle operators. Here’s how B-Call systems are keeping businesses on the move and nurturing brand trust, particularly when offered by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as part of their connected services suite.

Saving Livelihoods – Connected Stolen Vehicle Services for Commercial Vehicles

Saving Livelihoods Connected Stolen Vehicle Services for Commercial Vehicles In Recent Years… the commercial vehicle sector, particularly van owners and operators, has faced a challenge: the rise of vehicle thefts. This trend not only impacts the bottom line of businesses, but also jeopardises the livelihoods of countless individuals reliant on their vans for work.   […]

Breaking Language Barriers: How Our Global Support Redefines Connected Services

Breaking Language Barriers How Our Global Support Redefines Connected Services Travelling the open road knows no borders, and neither should your connected services. For businesses operating in the realm of two-wheelers and passenger vehicles, global reach is paramount. As the world becomes more connected, your service offerings must reflect the same. Why Language and Geographical […]

Stolen Vehicle Tracking in Motorcycles

In 2022, there were almost 19,000 reported motorcycle thefts. This highlights the need for advanced protective measures. In this post we will explore the technologies behind stolen vehicle tracking, the benefits of the systems and how manufacturers can leverage this technology to improve the customer experience and reduce unrecovered thefts. 

Connected Helmets and Ecall: Advancing Road Safety for 2-Wheel Vehicles

person riding red sports bike

Emerging tech in 2-wheel vehicles is showing real promise for improving road safety. At Teletrac Navman Connected Services, we’re excited to be exploring the relatively new connected helmet technology. This blog looks at how they could be one of the most effective ways of reducing serious injuries and deaths for motorcycle riders on the roads.

Staying Ahead of EV Charging Regulations with Remote Monitoring and Assistance

Staying ahead of EV charging regulations With Remote Monitor and Assistance The regulatory backdrop around EV charging stations and operations is evolving… With draft regulations likely to be enacted soon under the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 come the necessity for reliable, responsive and comprehensive services for EV charging stations.  Teletrac Navman Connected Services […]

The Power of Connected Services – Enhancing Charger Management

More than a fifth of all new vehicle registrations in 2023 were either fully electric, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. With this growth comes an increased demand for effective management of EV charging stations to guarantee reliability and efficiency.

This is where connected services step into the spotlight,

Unlocking the potential of remote monitoring for EV charging infrastructure

Unlocking the potential of remote monitoring for EV charging infrastructure To date in 2023, over 20% of new vehicle registrations we either fully electric, or plug-in hybrid electric Because of this the landscape of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is rapidly evolving, and ensuring the reliability and efficiency of charging stations is paramount. This is where […]

Remote Services in Automotive Infrastructure

As we move towards a more connected world, the use of remote services in infrastructure scenarios like electric vehicle (EV) chargers has become increasingly popular. These services offer numerous benefits to the owners of the chargers, as well as other stakeholders