Unlocking the potential of remote monitoring for EV charging infrastructure

Unlocking the potential of remote monitoring for EV charging infrastructure To date in 2023, over 20% of new vehicle registrations we either fully electric, or plug-in hybrid electric Because of this the landscape of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is rapidly evolving, and ensuring the reliability and efficiency of charging stations is paramount. This is where […]

Remote Services in Automotive Infrastructure

As we move towards a more connected world, the use of remote services in infrastructure scenarios like electric vehicle (EV) chargers has become increasingly popular. These services offer numerous benefits to the owners of the chargers, as well as other stakeholders

why TNCS

Why Choose to offer Connected Stolen Vehicle Tracking Across Europe one vehicle is stolen every 3 minutes* and without a means to locate it, like a vehicle tracking system, the recovery rate for stolen vehicles, especially those of high value, is very low.  https://youtu.be/SYSqXzaPiAE Connected Stolen Vehicle Tracking gives your customers the best chances of […]

Is vehicle theft still a risk with electric cars?

Battery electric vehicles usually contain much more connected technology than their ICE or even Hybrid counterparts, making conventional theft methods harder however with more convenient access options to a connected car, like smartphone or NFC cards, organised crime synidates have already begun to develop ways to exploit their vulnerabilities.

The Value of Connected Services – Bcall

The Value of b-Call Value of connected services It is estimated that by 2026 100% of all new cars in the UK and Europe will be connected in some way and even today, the ability to remain connected whilst behind the wheel is fast becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury. From automatic assistance in […]